The Sharon Community Youth Coalition (SCYC) was an initial founding partner of SPN. It is no longer active after serving Sharon for over 25 years. SCYC met monthly to discuss the needs of Sharon’s youth and included a cross-section of community leaders from Sharon schools, town government, religious organizations, police and fire departments, health professions, and the district attorney’s office. SCYC’s meetings informed participants about current youth topics and provided a forum for sharing information about youth initiatives in participants’ own organizations. 

History and Mission:  The SCYC was formed in the 1980s at the urging of the town clergy. According to Dave Clifton, Sharon’s first Recreation Director, the clergy believed it was important to convene a broad representation of community leaders to address youth issues.  The late Father Robert Bullock, pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church at the time, asked Mr. Clifton to chair the Coalition.  Since its inception, several of Sharon’s religious leaders, as well as members of the schools, mental health professionals and community volunteers, have chaired the meetings.  At the core of  SCYC’s mission is the belief that youth are supported best when leaders come together to communicate and share information.  Meeting participants are better equipped to address the needs of youth within their own constituencies, and the entire community benefits when leaders are in good communication with one another.

Over the years, the SCYC supported programs and events, such as the Sharon High School’s Teen Speak-Outs and the Project Respect anti-bullying directive. Members wrote educational articles in local media, and sponsored speakers on topics, such as teen sexuality, depression, domestic violence, civil rights, and substance abuse. At times, members wrote joint letters to the local media to voice their views on particular youth issues.

Collaboration with SPN: SCYC’s partnership with SPN helped keep Coalition participants informed about Sharon’s increasingly diverse youth population. In turn, SCYC helps other SPN partners keep up-to-date on issues related to children and youth.

Web:SCYC does not have a website.