Welcome to the Sharon Pluralism Network

SPN’s Mission

To create a positive and sustainable culture of pluralism in the town of Sharon, Massachusetts. SPN envisions a community where people from diverse groups live together in peace and mutual respect; feel safe and valued; retain their group identity while also being part of a larger community; learn about, interact with, and stand up for each other; and work collaboratively for the common good.

Partnering Together

Each SPN Partner has its own structure, purposes and goals; each fulfills different roles and serves different populations in town. However, all SPN Partners overlap to varying degrees in their roles, goals and the populations they serve. Each has an interest and investment in meeting the needs of all members of our increasingly diverse community.

By partnering, SPN builds collaborations among the member organizations to support each other’s multicultural and interfaith work. A main thrust of SPN is to partner together and share resources, so that each organization’s effectiveness in the community can be enhanced in ways that go beyond what can be achieved when working separately.


SPN and its projects have been supported by Third Sector New England, Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation, and Mass Humanities. Youth LEAD is the fiscal sponsor as the founding partner. SPN is in the process of seeking 501 ( c ) 3 non-profit status.